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Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Canberra for over 20 years

Carpet Cleaning Canberra Has been Carpet Cleaning Canberra for over 20 years We Bring Very Dirty Carpets Back To Life  

The ExperienceFree Stain Removal Guide by Peter MacDonald Founder of VeryDirtyCarpets -Carpet Cleaning Canberra

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Tea & Coffee    Very Dirty Carpets    Blood      Upholstery Cleaning

Looking for the Carpet Cleaning Canberra experts? At we will give your carpets a new lease on life.


Paula's Very Dirty Carpet Story

Carpet Cleaning Canberra  -Very Dirty Carpet -

Very Dirty Carpet in Hallway- Powerful Clean


Upholstery Cleaning  in  Canberra, ACT

Upholstery Cleaning Canberra

We have over 20 years of experience and knowledge in the soft floor and upholstery cleaning industry, so we can ensure your soft floor coverings are cleaned thoroughly and properly.  We

can assure you that your satisfaction in our service is guaranteed. Our services include Residential and Commercial Carpet, Rug, Fabric Lounge Cleaning.  (02) 6258 4281  

Carpet Cleaning Canberra

Give the team a call today for all your soft floor and upholstery problems.  We are your best choice because we provide professional and reliable cleaning & emergency service for Carpeting and Fabric Covered Furniture in Canberra and surrounding suburbs. has been carpet cleaning Canberra and  is owned and operated by Peter and Sandra Macdonald. Peter has been a professional technician for over 20 years, and you can be assured by his diligent approach to customer service and excellence in service provision. Peter leads a team of highly trained technicians that take their work seriously and provide a level of quality with which you will be extremely pleased.


The Carpet and Upholstery Professional You can Trust.

We are going on the front foot to counter the negative image of carpet cleaners as has been portrayed on TV.  The company has been in business for over twenty years and has developed a solid reputation as a company that genuinely cares about their customer’s and their homes.

During recent times it has been popular by Current Affair TV Programmes to highlight the worst of human behaviour in tradesmen who are left alone in people’s homes.  A recent TV show showed a tradesman who rifled through the underwear drawers of the girls in the house and watched Porn on computers.

“This image of untrustworthy operators hurts all in the Industry and not just the Bad ones”.

“ has decided to take a stand and be a beacon of light in the industry, to give customers the assurance that this will not happen under the my watch”

Peter MacDonald has been in the Carpet Cleaning Industry for over 20 years has a reputation for Honesty and Integrity.

Our customers are our friends and our most vital relationship,  We want to come back to serve you time and time again". " Why would we jeopardise our long term relationship with our customers by bad behaviour".

We Want to Set the Standard for Cleaners

We want to set standard with all of its technicians having to be Police checked and cleared before operating under their name.  This ensures that previous criminal behaviour is excluded from their workforce.

Our Website has a standard which we aspire to, called “The Experience”, which are the Guidelines for its operators.

Also, uses family owned businesses who you would expect, have a vested interest in giving customers the highest quality service.  Our Company takes the time to assess if the technicians it recommends, operate at the standard that customers would expect and are capable of cleaning very dirty carpet with a suitable certified Very Dirty Carpet Machine.

You should not have to be on your guard when selecting a professional.  Carpet and Upholstery cleaning can be a very rewarding experience with the company you can trust. services include:

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Very Dirty Carpet - (this is our specialty 😛 )
  • Difficult stains
  • Rug Cleaning On Site
  • Fabric Sofa Cleaning
  • Fabric Protection
  • Experts in Mattress Cleaning
  • Scotchguard protection
  • Most Pet Stains
  • Boat and Car Interiors
  • An Outstanding Stain Remover Product offers:

  • All Cleaning Services Guaranteed
  • Servicing all Canberra City and metropolitan areas including  Queanbeyan and Jerrabomberra
  • Operating Hours – Monday to Friday 8.00 am – 5.30 pm and Saturdays 8.00 am – 4.00 pm (bookings are essential)
  • After hours services available for commercial clients
  • 100% Environmentally Friendly and Non Toxic Cleaning Solution
  • Incorporate $10 Million Liability Insurance

Remember - when you have very dirty carpets...think

Carpet Cleaning Canberra

Carpet cleaning Canberra - on Canberra's Lake Burley Giffen

Carpet Cleaning

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2 thoughts on “Carpet Cleaning Canberra

  • Connie Ng says:

    Hi Peter,

    Hope you are well today.

    It was lovely to have met your acquaintance last night.

    I have let Matt know that you might contact him regarding some work with his portable carpet cleaner.

    And on our end, we are happy to refer any work to you. Can you please provide us with your carpet cleaning price list? I couldn’t find your email on this website so I thought I would just leave a message here.

    In addition, if you could point me to the right direction and contacts for building a website, your help is also most appreciated.

    Look forward to hearing from you soon and have a great week ahead.


  • Grant Toyer says:

    Peter, your company is very understated. I had the worst stains at my Mums house and thought there was no way the could be cleaned, but after you had finished the results are fantastic. You should be called the VERY – VERY dirty carpet cleaners. Thanks for a job well done.

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