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May, 2012

Removing Tea & Coffee Stains From Carpet

Tea and Coffee Stains Ev­eryone has had their clumsy experiences with scalding tea and coffee. And they can leave scars: the type that need to be removed. Here’s how we can remove all traces of coffee spills. Tea and Coffee are very different in the way they attach to the carpet. Tea releases Tannins which attached very firmly to […]

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Make Up Stains

Make Up Stains Lipstick, Eye shadow, Foundation and Spray Tan’s If you have ever had teenage daughters, your carpet will probably had encounters with lipstick, eyeshadow or pencils, foundation, or even spray tan.  They often look disasterous on the carpet.  The Good news is that they all usually come out of most carpet. Most Make Up has […]

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How To Remove Red Wine Stains From Carpet

Red Wine Red Wine Stain Red Wine Is one of the most popular drinks in our culture, but it comes with a downside, accidents happen, and Red Wine has natural colouring in it that attaches firmly to the carpet.Red Wine normally comes out of most carpet with a standard professional clean.  In some cases ingredients in the wine may […]

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Removing Grease and Oil Stains From Carpet

Grease and Oil is one of the most common forms of soiling of the carpet.  It responds to good quality detergents and will usually come out completely. You will often see a dirty area where you walk off the kitchen floor onto the carpet,  this is often oils from cooking drifting to the floor and […]