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How To Manage Pet Stains

pet stains on carpetMost Pet Stains

Pet Stains Come in many different guises, Vomit, Faeces, Urine, Oils from the Coat of the animal.

Vomit and Faeces

In their normal state, vomit and faeces usually comes out of carpet without leaving a stain. But if the animal has diarrhea or has been eating food with food dyes in them, the acidity can transfer colour onto the carpet and be difficult or impossible to recover.

Urine, Dog, Cat and Human

URINE IS ALMOST ALWAYS IMPOSSIBLE TO GET OUT IF IT IS ALLOWED TO SET. If it "Ammoniafies", it will permanently turn wool carpet yellow. There are some synthetic carpets that urine releases from but in the main Urine is a permanent stain.

The other issue with urine is the smell.  If  the urine is deposited in the same place over time what you see on the top may only be the start of the problem,  If the the urine gets into the Backing of the carpet and worse the Underlay the odour may become more of the issue.   It may require removal of underlay, even replacement of the area of carpet.   There is a limited amount that we can do in the restoration of bad urine stains.

What do I do if I see an animal do a wee on the carpet?

Its simple really, flood the mark with water to dilute the urine and sponge up the spot.

Then call and we will make sure your carpet is restored back to its optimum condition. We can always get a water mark out much easier than a cured urine stain.

Coat Oils

Dogs and Cats release oils from their coats as they rub up agaist couches or where they regularly lay around on the floor.  Because these are oil based they remove relatively easily.





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