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Make Up Stains

Make Up Stains

Lipstick, Eye shadow, Foundation and Spray Tan's

If you have ever had teenage daughters, your carpet will probably had encounters with lipstick, eyeshadow or pencils, foundation, or even spray tan.  They often look disasterous on the carpet.  The Good news is that they all usually come out of most carpet. Most Make Up has an oil base and so we can approach the carpet with confidence. If there is a lot of it we may have to treat them as special stains ( may be Extra Charges) as they do occasionally require some intense attention.

Nail Polish Stains

Nail Polish - is classed a very difficult stain( may be Extra Charges) to remove but it does mostly come out.  Nail Polish is very time consuming to remove properly.  There is no easy way to remove it.  I can't really give you much hope trying to remove it yourself,  most cases I have come across when they have tried it has spread and made it harder for us to remove.

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