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Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Canberra for over 20 years

Very Dirty Carpet Machine

very dirty carpet certifies all its Carpet Cleaners to to a high standard of operation so that our quality is assured. Our people are our greatest asset, so we make sure they are highly trained technicians capable of delivering a superior service to you our client. And as much as we love our staff, we also choose the best possible equipment in order to get your carpet cleaned the most efficiently, most effective and most environmentally friendly way.

Super Powerful Very Dirty Carpet Machine

We only use the best carpet cleaning equipment  (or as we like to call it...the Very Dirty Carpet Cleaning Machine)

Our super-powerful machine does an incredible job, powered by a petrol, or gas engine (not electric).

Over 18 years cleaning carpets we know what machines work the best.

Features of the Very Dirty Carpet Machine

  • Petrol or Diesel or Gas engine.     (not electric)30 - 40 Horsepower
  • High Vacuum with 50mm hose     Fast Drying (usually about 4 hours)
  • High Heat continuously     Powerful Cleaning
  • HIgh Pressure     Powerful Cleaning
  • Continuous Flow system      Means the operator can concentrate on your carpet not emptying dirty water.



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